about Janet Evander
From top, left to right: painting a watercolor; adding ash to a wood-burning kiln; leaf design stamped into soft clay; my potter's mark; painting with coffee; using clay to capture a street texture; close-up of tree design on ceramic vase.


Without realizing it, I took my first step toward becoming an artist when I fell in love with Craftsman houses while living in my home state of California. Later, Arts & Crafts tiles inspired me to take my first ceramics class, at the Corcoran in Washington D.C.

Since then I have expanded into pottery and painting (using watercolors or coffee), while keeping my Craftsman aesthetic. I've discovered that the best way to create satisfying pieces is to follow my passions. So, you will see animal, nature, and even coffee themes in my work.

I currently live in Maryland and am fortunate to know talented, generous potters and painters who I work beside.