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On oatmeal oatmeal manufacturers nutritional value

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Oatmeal manufacturers say , oatmeal contains very rich in nutrients , as well as cereal food health ingredients , tastes like the most nutritious foods , especially breakfast oatmeal to eat some of the health and benefits brought up , and on the body health and development of health valuable .

Oats ( oat ) , also known as oat , wheat commonly known as oil , corn wheat, is a low-sugar , high-nutrition , high-energy food , oatmeal that featured Saibei alpine mountains ( Shanxi Sanin county ) naked oats processed into green foods. High content of nutrients not only their signs , and superior quality, is more susceptible to modern popular food. In the "Time" magazine's Top Ten Healthy foods , oats ranked fifth.

Oatmeal manufacturers said  , oat cereal made from refined and processed to make it more convenient to eat , taste is also improved , becoming a popular health food . Which has many health benefits of dietary fiber can reduce the biological effects of low-density triglyceride fat protein to promote excretion of cholesterol , diabetes , helps to reduce the incidence of vascular complications of diabetes ; may catharsis catharsis , for habitual patients with constipation have a good help ; oatmeal is low heat food, satiety after eating can lead to long-term consumption with obesity. In addition , oats are rich in vitamins B1, B2, E, folic acid , etc., can improve blood circulation, relieve the pressure brought life and work ; contains calcium , phosphorus, iron , zinc, manganese and other minerals are also the prevention of osteoporosis , promote wound healing and prevent anemia effect.