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Purchase method of Baby rice noodles

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1 , packaging intact

Best to buy individually wrapped , so packaging is easy to measure , more health , you can prevent Baby rice noodles in the summer is not easy to damp contamination.

2 , to see the use of age

Because each one -month-old baby for the nutritional requirements are different, so to see the product packaging for months , with month-old baby to choose compatible species. Month-old baby's different for different nutritional needs , the initial 36 months of the baby , it is recommended to start at this stage of the baby or a single taste of pure flavors start adding infant rice

3 , choose the right brand

To select the big brand products, because these brands , good service, quality assurance , should not blindly greedy expensive, and do not be misled by advertisements select only , not expensive .

4 , pay attention to the special requirements on nutrition

For babies with special requirements , such as lactose allergy or allergic to cow's milk protein , the mother should pay special attention when choosing the list of ingredients if they contain milk . For lack of minerals baby , you can choose scientific ratio and fortified iron , zinc, calcium and a variety of minerals zinc and calcium fortified iron nutrition milk rice . Of particular concern for the mother brain development , the proposed selection adds beneficial nutrition rice brain development . For easy to get angry baby nutrition try very angry infant nutrition rice .

5 , from the formal channels to buy

From the formal channels to purchase such product quality can only be guaranteed , service is good. If purchased online to choose the official online store to buy.

Third, on the recommendations of homemade rice

For infants and young children is not recommended homemade noodles , homemade noodles homogeneous as well, is not conducive to the baby's digestion and absorption. In addition, the big brand baby rice noodles ingredients added to a variety of nutrients, homemade noodles nutrition is unable to achieve the level of big brand rice nutrition .