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Oatmeal manufacturers to resolve the four magical health benefits of oatmeal

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All week , oatmeal is one of the best breakfast.

Oatmeal manufacturers say , according to the U.S. "Health " magazine latest report, there are four kinds of oatmeal little-known health benefits.

1 , pore cleansing division

New York City dermatologist Dr. Ami Wexler launched " oatmeal mask " , which can effectively remove stains pores .

Specifically: half a cup of oatmeal + ½ cup water + 1/ 4 cup honey, stir well with a food mixer , cooled face painting , wait 10 minutes after the rinse with water .

2 , slimming good helper

U.S. " Health" magazine senior editor of Food and Nutrition column , Dr. Frans La Jieman Ruth suggested to replace the conventional flour with oat noodles, home -made biscuits, pancakes or bread. This method will help double the intake of dietary fiber , and less heat, so more prone to satiety , help to successfully lose weight.

3 , motion propeller

British scientists have found that oatmeal pancakes eat before exercise , exercise effect is indeed better .

Recent study found that eating three hours before exercise oatmeal , can improve human endurance.

Oats can use the body to burn fat faster and provide energy for muscle movement .

4 , good cancer fighter

A new study , " International Journal of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease ," published show that eating oatmeal breakfast to help prevent breast cancer.

       Oatmeal manufacturers to remind you: premenopausal women intake of dietary fiber from oats and other whole grain foods , can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 41% .